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Csabaliget Center Apartment House location

The eternal dilemma

City centre = Good infrastructure but high levels of noise, dust, air pollution and traffic jams


Suburbs =  Daily commute but fresh air, spaciousness, tranquility, proximity of nature

The Csabaliget Center and Apartment House combines the advantages of both of these locations!

The District

District XVI. is one of the most beloved districts due to its family-friendly, tranquil, safe environment. Locals settling here can return to their homes to relax peacfully with their families. The population density of the district is one of the lowest in Budapest along with one of the lowest crime rates in the city. 


The surrounding area, Árpádföld, is a truly residential area without any industrial developments in the region. Honfoglalás Residential Park was built here, as the picture of the real, modern residential housing with high-quality family homes, duplexes, and row-houses. The Csabaliget Center and Apartment House is being built on the last remaining plot of the Honfoglalás Residential Park. 


The area can be easily accessed by both car and public transport.

By car
The eastern sector of the M0 can be accessed in 3 minutes. 

Public transport 
Bus stations and the local train (HÉV) can be reached with a 5 min walk. 


  • Playground: 1 min
  • Football and basketball pitch: 1 min
  • Grocery store: in house
  • Cafe: in house
  • Amenities: in house
  • School: 3 min
  • Kindergarden: 5 min
  • Pharmacy: 6 min (or in house)

All of this on foot!