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The Csabaliget Center és Apartman House has commercial facilities and services available on the ground floor while on the other floors you can find functional, high-quality apartments with modern facilities and design.

Technical specifications

The apartment house is being buildt with high technical level.

  • Varied, esthetic facade designs
  • Closed inner garden
  • Parking spaces in the underground garage or the inner garden
  • Two comfortable elevators
  • Varied floor planes suitable for different needs
  • Functional rooms
  • 6 air chambers plastic triple glazed windows filled with argon gas
  • Floor heating in the bathrooms and kitchens
  • Wall-mounted toilets
  • Prepared for the future installation of air conditioning 

Apartments can be customised according to buyers own needs:

  • Interior doors, taps, wall and floor tiles, parquet flooring are available for selection according to the price range.
    The catalog of optional products can be downloaded in Hungarian Vesterra Catalog (Pdf ~ 7MByte)

The end product is a beautiful, modern, energy efficient home.

Full technical specification is available for download in hungarian:  Technical information


Payment conditions

The construction of the Csabaliget Center and Apartment House is financed by the developer themself, thus the title deed of the individual apartments is not linked to any particular bank and the buyer can obtain a mortgage from the bank of their choice. 
It is possible to apply for family housing allowance (CSOK) depending on the size of the apartment up to 10 + 15 millon HUF.
Payment is made in installments according to the completion level of the house. The apartments can be reserved in exchange for 1,000,000 HUF offer deposit. 
Individual payment options can be discussed.

The detailed payment information is available for download in hungarian: Információk – Finanszírozási feltételek



The developer of the Csabaliget Center and Apartment House is the Csabaliget Center Apartmanház Kft. part of the Magiszter Ingatlanfejlesztő Kft. group.
Magiszter Ingatlan is one of the oldest real estate developer in Budapest district XVI. It was founded in 2000 and during the last 20 years it has developed more than 450 duplexes and row-houses in the district, 200 of these being located right by the Csabaliget Center and Apartment House. 

Our thoughtful market strategy, private developing and financing capacity, and our services specifically tailored to our customers individual needs resulted in the success of Magiszter Ingatlan both during the years of recession and the current real estate market boom. 

Professionalism and the responsibility towards our local environment propells Magiszter Ingatlan towards new challenges and horizons.