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Csabaliget Center commercial spaces

Business opportunity in Csabaliget Center!

The Csabaliget Center and Apartment House is located on the border of a newly built and a formerly built suburban residential area.

In the immediate vicinity there are the following residential areas:

  • Csabaliget Center and Apartment House: 48 apartments
  • Csabaliget Residential Park: 135 apartments
  • Honfoglalás Residential Park: 240 apartments
  • Árpádföld suburban area: about 500 houses
  • Cinkota suburban Area: Approximately 250 houses
  • Europe Residential Garden, Malomdomb Residential Park, Árpádföld Residential Park: approximately 1,000 apartments

This represents more than 2,000 families that currently do not have access to modern commercial and service facilities.

The Csabaliget Center has about 1,500 m2 retail space with public entrance and street display.

Sieze the opportunity!

If you are interested in buying a commercial space contact us:

Tamás Varga is our expert at +36 30 203 5180.

Be in the center in the suburbs!